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3 Secrets to a Good Weave

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Hey Flawless Dolls,

Today we are going to discuss with you "3 Secrets to a Good Weave using Flawless Hair L.A." Now that you have your Flawless Hair LA, the next step is knowing what to look for to achieve a good install and maintain it. When attached by expert hands, your Flawless Hair L.A. bundles can give your natural hair a rest and help it grow. But for every gorgeous weave, there are a few bad ones. And a healthy weave is even more rare. So to be sure yours is one that works, follow our 3 Flawless Facts and you'll be sure to turn heads.



Choose the Right Texture 

If you are choosing to leave some of your natural hair out, selecting the right texture is critical. This is why we offer 3 types of Virgin Hair; Malaysian, Brazilian, and Peruvian. If the weave is bone straight and your visible hair is tightly coiled, then very thin hair is not the best option. Malaysian Hair is perfect for bone straight because the hair is naturally thick and has a beautiful shine which blends perfectly for all hair types. 

Most important, the texture should be one that complements your complexion and features. The weave and your hair should blend together beautifully. Buying human hair by the ounce, as opposed to in a pack, is the preference of top stylists so your in the right place!

Customize The Weft

Custom-blending the color and texture of each weft, also called a track, ensures a realistic weave. Top stylists swear by customized tracks. Since a variety of textures can make up a single head of hair, one secret to achieving a look that's close to your natural hair is to blend wavy and curly or wavy and straight textures. Not only can the texture and color be varied, but the length as well. By placing various lengths throughout the hair you can reduce bulk. Top stylists usually prefer to place shorter pieces on the top and longer ones on the bottom, which is why our Bundle Deals have a variety of lengths.



Handle With Care

Treat your weave like you would your real hair. Don't be afraid of it. Wash it weekly and give it a good comb through, daily. If you don't detangle daily, it can cause unnecessary hair loss when you remove the track. Deep-condition like you would your own hair. Hot oil treatments and steam treatments are very important to maintaining manageability. Also make sure your own hair dries properly after you wash and condition. If not, you could encourage mildew-not a healthy or pleasant-smelling scalp condition. Invest in a hooded dryer. Clip varying sections up so that the heat can get to your hair underneath. Once your hair is dry, style as usual.

I hope these tips can help you achieve a healthy weave which allows you to have the style you want while letting your hair grow.



The Flawless Hair L.A. Staff



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