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How to Make Your Lashes Last

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Hey Flawless Dolls,

Today we are going to discuss with you “How to Make Your Lashes Last”. When purchasing quality items we want our money's worth! So here is useful and simple tips to guarantee that your Mink Lashes last!



Maintenance Tips: How to Clean Mink Lashes
    • Cleaning the lashes carefully extends its durability, and thus must be done with care.
    • Remove them gently, as any extra pressure will only damage them. But before you remove them you need to wash your hands with a fragrance-free soap.
    • Now, apply a little makeup remover (water-based) on to the lashes to help loosen the glue. After a few seconds, hold the corner of the mink lash and pull it off gently. Hold the corner and not the hair while pulling.
    • Get rid of the glue.
    • Once you have the lashes out you need to get rid of the glue from your natural lash line. This is important because if not done properly it may affect your lash line, furthermore, you will find it difficult to reapply the false lashes onto your lash line.



    • Clean naturally.
    • Getting rid of any glue from the false eyelashes is key. You can use your tweezers and release any glue both from the front and back sides. If needed, scrape off any remaining glue with the help of your fingernail.
    • Clean with water.
    • Rinse the lash band using water, but make sure the water does not reach your mink eyelash tips as that may affect the curl and the quality as well.
    • Use a wet Q-tip to avoid water reaching the lash tips.
    • Place the lashes on the lash box.
    • Once you have cleaned and the lashes have dried, place them back in your secure lash box.
    • Keep the box well closed to avoid dust or bacteria from settling on to your flawless lashes.



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