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How to Apply Mink Lashes

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Hey Flawless Dolls,

        Today we are going to discuss with you “How to Apply Mink Lashes”. Everyone wants the best quality lashes but how do we put them on correctly? I have struggled plenty times and finally learned and came up with some useful tips! Let’s get started:

        • Carefully remove the lashes from its tray with the help of tweezers or eyelash applicator. Make sure you do not pull or tug on the hair.
        • Measure your lashes right up to your eye in a way that it properly fits the length of your lash line. Now trim as much as you like that fits your natural lash line. Make sure to trim not from the inner corner but from the outer part.



        • Use lash glue.
        • Hold the lashes right at the head of your tweezers or eyelash applicator and squeeze them gently. Take some glue and apply just a thin layer on to the eyelash band.
        • Allow it to dry for about 30 seconds or until you find the glue getting sticky. Apply the lashes and hold.
        • Tilt your chin a little up and apply your lashes above the natural lash line. Keep holding for a short while, about a few seconds, so that the glue dries, and then release the lashes from the grip of the applicator.
        • You may have to gently press the lashes on your lash line so that the hair blends well. If you notice any lifting then just add a little more glue and press the lash on to your lash line again.
        • Once the glue dries you can apply your liner once again, and the look is complete.


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