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Need to Know: Hair Care Tips

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Hey Flawless Dolls,

Today we are going to discuss with you “Need to Know: Hair Care Tips”. Today with all the serums, masks, hair care can get a little confusing. And make you even more uncertain if you're on a budget. But honestly there are plenty of tips that can benefit your hair now without breaking the bank. Here’s a few inside hair rules for healthier, flawless, red carpet-worthy hair. Let’s dive in:


 Trim Between Installs

If you thought skipping a trim was minor in the health of your hair, then you're in for a surprise. We all know the feeling of seeing a few longer inches of our tresses after taking out a weave. Who would want to lose all those new inches? But realistically the new growth from your weave will not be lost at all by a trim. Instead up-keeping our hair with a regular trim by expert hands is very beneficial. It’s just enough to keep split ends at bay, encouraging more healthy growth, adds movement to the hair, and results in easier styling and manageability.

Keep Usage of Hot Styling Tools at a Minimum 

When we need our hair tools the most, they always come through. Many occasions my hair has went from nay to slay with my flat-iron. But we have to think of our flatiron as a little torture chamber for your hair. It's not that you can't ever use it, but it would be best to not put your hair through pain like that every day and regularly. One thing about Flawless Hair L.A. bundles, you really don’t have to, curls stay in easily and you can add a silk scarf at night and still have a curl pattern in the morning. Top stylists recommend when using your styling tools going with the lowest heat setting possible and don't hold it on your hair or extensions any more than necessary.

Oil is Key

Heavy on the coconut oil, olive oil, and our Hair Growth Serum (coming soon). I like to work a few tablespoons into my hair starting at the ends and moving up the shaft. Then I braid it and let it soak in for an hour or more before washing it out. Afterwards my hair feels soft and silky. Oil is definitely necessary for dry or changing weather conditions, weather affects our hair more than we know.


Use Denman Paddle Brushes

Denman Paddle Brushes are a must to have which keeps your hair in check. A paddle brush has many advantages whether its combing out your wet hair or using it as you wrap your hair up for the night or even a quick brush through before the club. Paddle brushes should be your go-to and highly recommended.

Sleep on Silk

This tip gives a spin on beauty sleep while making eight hours dozing off beneficial to your hair. We always recommend our clients to sleep on a silk pillow. Damage can be caused while sleeping, due to your hair being roughed up and tangled. A silk pillow will help give a more slippery surface for the hair and will avoid excess friction resulting in less repeated styling and brushing of your hair and your extensions.


Let your Hair Air-dry

You might be relieved as air-drying is so much easier then having to blow-dry your hair but its not that simple. Air-drying is beneficial but still requires work. I'm aware that every Flawless Doll has a different hair texture to deal with, making sure to comb through your hair effectively is key. Regular blow-drying damages your hair a fair amount, which does nothing for improving the health. Another trick is using a dry towel wrap directly after washing. This will help to reduce heat application, frizz, drying time, and make your hair more manageable.

Give your Hair a Break between Installs

Its important to let your hair rest "breathe" between installing your weaves. It encourages more healthy growth and results in healthier hair and manageability. Most importantly it relieves any tension from the circumference around your head including your edges, nape, and temple. These areas are pulled on the most when you are adding extensions. Over-pulling can cause breakage and thinning edges so to avoid this from happening its vital to have a balance. Your Flawless Extensions can be used as a protective style but having a 'gameplan' is key to keeping your hair long and healthy. This is why we give tips that we have tested and proven to our loyal customers because we care about your overall hair experience!


I hope these tips give you new insider rules to maintaining healthy hair. When you take action in small but beneficial ways you see the results you want. These tips will help implement a healthy hair lifestyle while having the style you want and letting your hair grow in the process.



The Flawless Hair L.A. Staff




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